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#99682 - 7th Apr 2005 11:37pm new mitsubishi evo IX
Tony MK2 Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 2nd Dec 2003
Posts: 2943
Loc: Wirral
the new mitsubishi evo IX is due to be launched here is pics and info what do you all think about it ??

Evolution IX offers more torque and new aerodynamic enhancements inspired by rally cars.
Mitsubishi continues to add performance to its Lancer Evolution line, with the ninth edition of the car offering more torque and updated, more aerodynamic bodywork. Most noticeable is the new front air dam with integrated fog lights located more to the center on each side of the air intake.

For the 2006 Lancer Evolution IX, power has been increased to 286 horsepower and 289 lb-ft of torque at 3500 rpm from the 2.0-liter 16-valve turbocharged and intercooled engine. The power increase is achieved with Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing and lift Electronic Control (MIVEC) system that utilizes a VVT sprocket to optimize valve timing for different conditions, combined with enhancements to the vehicle's turbocharger. The engine changes produce higher torque and better response for improved engine performance across the full rpm range.

The gear ratios have been changed in the standard five-speed manual transmission to take advantage of the increased torque. The transmission is derived from the Mitsubishi close-ratio competition gearbox but has a modified top gear ratio for improved high-speed cruising. The Lancer Evolution MR features a six-speed close-ratio manual transmission.

"Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, nothing can touch the Lancer Evolution IX," said Rich Gilligan, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America. "For people who want to truly stand out in a high-performance compact sedan, there's no better value than this latest edition of the Lancer Evolution series."

The most noticeable change to the Lancer Evolution IX until driving the car is the new front fascia that has been updated for improved aerodynamics and better cooling. A new oversized mesh grille and front center bumper air inlets improve air flow for more efficient engine cooling. To improve aerodynamics, all unnecessary openings on the undersurface of the bumper have been closed to reduce air resistance.

The rear wing assembly features a carbon fiber hollow spoiler that lowers the center of gravity of the Lancer Evolution IX. A new air dam extension and rear-wing wickerbill are available dealer options. These advanced aerodynamic devices improve the high-speed handling and stability of the Lancer Evolution IX by increasing downforce, reducing front and rear wheel lift and enhancing the front-rear aerodynamic balance of the vehicle.

The Lancer Evolution rides on all-new 17x8-inch ENKEI lightweight cast aluminum alloy wheels, while the MR rolls on 17x8-inch BBS forged aluminum rims. All three Evolution versions feature 235/45-17 Yokohama ADVAN high-grip tires. The vehicle's aggressive appearance goes one step farther with new extended smoked front and rear lamp bezels.

The interior is also updated from previous versions. The standard Recaro seats now feature Alcantara upholstery with real leather accents on the aggressive side bolsters. The Alcantara material helps hold the driver and front seat passenger securely in place during spirited driving, while the leather side bolsters make it easier to slip in and out of the seats when entering or leaving the car. The new seat configuration also makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

The driver sits in front of a racing-inspired new dark titanium color, three-spoke, height-adjustable Momo steering wheel. Aluminum accelerator, brake and clutch pedals on the IX and MR trims provide additional cues to the Lancer Evolution IX's high-performance roots. Rich, carbon fiber-style instrument, center and shift panels further illustrate this is not your typical compact sedanódesigned as much for rally-racing as everyday driving.

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#99683 - 8th Apr 2005 8:41am Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
AX_125 Offline

Forum Guardian

Registered: 10th Nov 2003
Posts: 3793
Loc: Home
Looks the same as previous versions

I am a signature virus, copy me into your signature to help me spread.

#99684 - 8th Apr 2005 4:22pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
saz2004 Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 18th Mar 2004
Posts: 2421
Loc: hawarden
yep i agree, looks the same but its stil sweet!

#99685 - 8th Apr 2005 4:38pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
AL Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 26th Jan 2004
Posts: 1730
Loc: Wirral
It does look very similar however the Evolution X is completley different keep your eyes peeled for the review thumbsup

#99686 - 8th Apr 2005 6:02pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX

the cars in the first and last pics seem to have some kind of problem, there's an awful lot of smoke coming out of them :eek wink

get that fixed and im sure it'd be a good car laugh

#99687 - 8th Apr 2005 10:05pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX

Good looking and fast yes

#99688 - 8th Apr 2005 11:09pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
Meesh Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 26th Jul 2004
Posts: 3244
Loc: Neston, Wirral
Only visual difference is the front intercooler, two mouldings either sid eof it (foglights??) and the rear lights

Still awesome thought! laugh

#99689 - 8th Apr 2005 11:13pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
djrenegade Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 12th Jan 2005
Posts: 1312
Loc: Eastham
lookin sweet as always, gonna have to save my pennies

#99690 - 9th Apr 2005 3:48am Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
mikebroomy Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 20th Nov 2003
Posts: 3041
Loc: moreton
Very nice but currently outta my price range lol can only wish for now.

#99691 - 9th Apr 2005 10:44pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
lazy_ben Offline
Wise One

Registered: 5th Jan 2004
Posts: 868
Loc: Moreton
There's a new one every week :rolleyes:

new msn/email:

#99692 - 9th Apr 2005 11:31pm Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
jimbo4x4 Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 3rd Mar 2004
Posts: 2912
Loc: Bebington
Well said ben. I much prefer the older ones, the newer ones have been looking more and more like family saloons than rally bred monsters. Evo 5 is the best looking one imo, though the Evo 10 looks like it's moving back to its rally roots happy

#99693 - 10th Apr 2005 12:31am Re: new mitsubishi evo IX
maverick Offline

Registered: 11th Nov 2003
Posts: 751
Loc: wallasey
That car is well nice, I like the front the best. The whole car just seems to fit together very nice.


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