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by steviebyday - 10th Jul 2024 6:33pm
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Brexit - A Few Years On
by diggingdeeper - 8th Jul 2024 3:07pm
New Brighton front question
by diggingdeeper - 6th Jul 2024 9:29am
Election 2024
by diggingdeeper - 5th Jul 2024 8:08am
Clinic on Tollemache Rd by Nannygoats mountains
by bert1 - 3rd Jul 2024 4:37pm
iphone signal vanished
by muzzy2 - 27th Jun 2024 9:35am
Sunak Starmer Question/Debate
by diggingdeeper - 27th Jun 2024 7:56am
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Street News Jump to new posts
Re: mattress scam steviebyday 10th Jul 2024 5:33pm
that will be our traveller community.
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National News Jump to new posts
Re: Russia diggingdeeper 8th Jul 2024 7:56pm
Originally Posted by meaty
Putin offered peace long ago but glorious Britain stood in and put an end to that, the only people who get anything from war is the war mongers.

Do you think it was a genuine and reasonable peace offering? What surety did he offer to show it was genuine? Would you agree to give away UK mainland soil to an invader who had already taken land away previously?

Putin didn't stop at Crimea, he carried on his advance a few years later.

The big elephant in the room is "What would NATO have done if Ukraine had already been a member?"

I agree, most nation leaders are war mongers but that is because we follow history and agree that us the people will be ruled by our lords, they in turn see their function as keeping the surfs subservient, there is no greater subservience than giving your life away to someone else's beckoning.

When we stop voting for rich people, we will probably stop our war mongering, in the mean time "tea breaks over, back on your heads!".
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National News Jump to new posts
Re: Brexit - A Few Years On diggingdeeper 8th Jul 2024 2:07pm
Wage regulation goes back to the 1890s. Trade Boards were established to underpin wages in so
called ‘sweated’ or ‘badly organised’ industries and, after the Second World War, these morphed
into Wage Councils, but this apparatus was always regarded as secondary to more general
collective bargaining. Government also attempted to influence wages through Fair Wage
Resolutions using its own buying power to set wage floors. At its peak, 3.5 million workers were
covered by the wage councils.1
Unionisation also increased and peaked in 1980 when 54% of
eligible employees were members of unions. The cornerstone of union strength was collective
bargaining and both governments and unions regarded wage regulation as a last resort.
The Thatcher government reformed wage regulation as part of more general labour market
liberalisation, starting with the removal of the Fair Wage Resolutions in 1983. This went alongside
more general reforms to rein in the trade unions – something which had been attempted by the
earlier Wilson and Heath governments but had not been seen through. Wages Councils were finally
abolished by the Major government in 1993.
From the middle of the 1980s onward there was a marked increase in the number of people in low
income households. The number living in households with an income less than 40% of the median
doubled between 1985 and 1993. This coincided with the rapid decline of union coverage from its

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Ask - Wiki Wirral Jump to new posts
Re: Suggestions for a Small Meeting Room in Wirral/Liverpool meaty 7th Jul 2024 9:34am
The Cleveland arms in new ferry would be sure to assist, give Ann a call or pop in and see her.
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Street News Jump to new posts
Re: New Brighton front question diggingdeeper 6th Jul 2024 8:29am
I suspect not, if all three were owned by the same consortium then it would probably be to redevelop the whole block. However the Queens Royal was about to be refurbished to house the now defunct LIFE School which would appear to be a separate project, I have no idea if the LIFE School was going to own or lease the building.

If you want to know who owns them then it will cost you a total of £9 to get the three title deeds online.
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National News Jump to new posts
Election 2024 diggingdeeper 5th Jul 2024 7:08am
Pollsters were near enough correct, however I get the feeling that more people than ever do not feel their vote was representative of what they wanted to say, eg Liz Truss very nearly retained her seat.

In reality, Labour did not perform very well with only gaining a 1.5% increase in the share of the vote.

I can see another call for proportional representation coming up, however that would just end up as successive hung parliaments which means a lot of policies will be a trade-off (noting a trade-off is not the same as a compromise). I would agree with proportional representation if there was not a party system, it is the party system that corrupts the view of the electorate

Farage yet again was undoubtedly the winner, he wanted to punish the Conservative Party and he has certainly achieved that. Its a sign of the times when acting is more important than politics, the main political parties don't want the populace to look to closely at the facts.

In five years the Tory's will likely get back in, that period isn't enough time for a Government to recover from the financial and social mess that has been left behind especially with some very costly commitments coming up. Starmer has choices (or combinations) of breaking promises on borrowing, more disastrous PFA type contracts or more forced austerity, no win whichever way.

I'm not too sure the Conservatives hierarchy wanted to win this election, they have bled the country dry which was about to catch up with them.

I am really not happy with major constitutional changes that have taken place without the population having a vote on them eg Wirral Council changing their electoral system. We need a proper constitution in this country.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral Jump to new posts
Re: Clinic on Tollemache Rd by Nannygoats mountains bert1 3rd Jul 2024 3:37pm

1911, 1938, Birkenhead Infectious Diseases Hospital.

1952, St James Hospital.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral Jump to new posts
iphone signal vanished muzzy2 27th Jun 2024 8:35am
Cannot get phone calls or texts in or out. No lines at top of screen. everything else works OK Tried swapping SIm card into another phone with same result. So not a fault with card or phone. Don't want to have to reset in case I lose something. Any ideas?
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National News Jump to new posts
Sunak Starmer Question/Debate diggingdeeper 27th Jun 2024 6:56am
In Summary:

We have made a complete mess of everything so we are the experts to put it right.
We have written our own Labour Party manifesto and we will complain about the contents of that.
We haven't the foggiest where we are going to get the money from, we will carry on taking it from the more vulnerable.
Don't mention the almost non-existent NHS
Don't mention Tory Councils going bust.
I'll bully and lie my way through most of this, its usually good at getting the Eton vote.
Don't answer any questions, just keep on repeating anti-Labour rhetoric, it usually works.

I've forgotten which Tory Councils are going bust - that should have been in my brief.
We can't say we have the answer to everything but we aren't going to copy what the Tories have done that has made the mess of everything.
We haven't mentioned the private partner-funding in our manifesto, or have we? Best not get to deep into this one.
I'll try and stand aloof from the Sunak verbals ..... nah, I can't help but answer back.
I daren't admit that state pensioners might pay a measly £2/yr tax in 2027/8 because Sunak will make it sound the £2M.
That noise in my left ear is putting me off, I can't think.
I can only remember the names of two female members in my team, I know there are more.

If I survive this I'll get a promotion.
I presume the viewers want a punch up rather than a political debate.
I'll let Sunak carry on interrupting but to balance things I'll let Starmer have more time.
Wat is that annoying noise in my right ear?

Tories record is of the demolition of everything in society and appear proud of it, Thatcherism/Truss Pt 2,
Sunak decided to make a lot of noise rather than talk politics.
Starmer failed to counter every argument fully despite Sunak leaving loads of open goals.
They should have sent the office cleaners along instead of these two.
I knew I shouldn't have bothered watching it.

Best laugh of the evening: Sunak getting question from a tory but Sunak obviously disappointing them with his answers, own goal!
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Ask - Wiki Wirral Jump to new posts
Re: Make New Ferry Great Again diggingdeeper 25th Jun 2024 2:30pm
New Ferry does pretty well for green land.

New Ferry Park
Butterfly Park
Grove Square
Napier Road
Kempton Road
Thorburn Close
Mayfields North

And plot you are talking about is only 50m away from the start of Port Sunlight with the Boundary Road/Circular Drive Park. The rest of Port Sunlight is more than 50% amenity area.

Rock Ferry is less fortunate withe the bland Knowsley Road, Rock Park, the tiny Grove Road patch and the more recent Highfield Road South areas. but it borders on Victoria Park (in case you run out of meds!).

The biggest problem is the vandalism to benches and other equipment that are placed for public amenity.

It will be interesting to see how the New Ferry development pans out. Getting rid of the biggest car park based on dubious figures for what is claimed to be a failed shopping centre would appear to be counter-productive for a rejuvenated area.

Same tactics used as Birkenhead Market, scare the traders away by stating there is an uncertain future, then claim it is a failed area after you have scared them off.
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National News Jump to new posts
Re: Missing People Gibbo 24th Jun 2024 2:33pm
If you're on Twitter, put his name in the search box
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Local News Jump to new posts
Re: Lifeschool Wallasey diggingdeeper 23rd Jun 2024 4:40pm
Firstly before anyone puts words in my mouth, I am not condoning the behaviour of the teachers but ...

If you put people in an impossible situation, the general rule book goes out the window. The problem in this particular case is there should be a rule book for the teacher's in this situation and instead they were given free reign. The poor management has led to the behaviour of the teachers but of course the teachers are still responsible for their own behaviour.

Behavioural kids are extremely difficult, these can be the same ones that hang around the streets mugging adults, how is a teacher supposed to follow the same guidance for these kids as better behaved kids? Its even harder when the pupils are goaded on by their parents which is sometimes the case.

Very occasionally you get someone that has the personality to manage these kids, it isn't something that be taught, there is an acute shortage of such people who are willing to take the task on, you can't create these teachers.

I would say that for a special school, the average age of the staff looks a little young, especially those with enhanced responsibilities. Presumably the older staff aren't daft enough to take on additional work when they have their hands full and the younger staff have more need to boost their income. Considering the size of this school it looks like responsibilities might have been handed out as a staff retention enticement.

There is no answer, similar to the problems with youth crime. It not unusual for some classes to have a number of pupils with ankle tags on.

In recent times we see the same problem with the management of people with dementia. The staff get criticised if they man-handle them, the staff get criticised if they leave them on the floor. Eventually the staff realise they are in an impossible position and do whatever takes their fancy.

If you want to experience any of this, you can do the same as the reporter did and volunteer in a special school. Its no use volunteering in a normal school, generally the volunteers don't get to see the more challenging classes.

A factor that doesn't help is the shortage of money to pay for teaching/care assistants even when legally required.

One answer is to have more, but not exclusive, one-on-one teaching, but nobody has got the money for that. This private school was clearly set up to be awarded local council contracts which like fostering is being contracted out with lucrative rewards for challenging children.

What can be done? Closing down every facility that deals with challenging pupils doesn't solve the problem, criminalising the teachers doesn't solve the problem. How can we cope with challenging pupils?
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Autowirral Jump to new posts
Re: garage wanted robin47 23rd Jun 2024 10:43am
re garage wanted. Thanks for the feedback, now looking again for a suitable lock up/garage in Wallasey. robin
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History Information Request Jump to new posts
Re: Powell Street Photo AndrewR 22nd Jun 2024 1:04pm
Thanks for the photo - They were a tough place to live in. Tiny cramped, no bath, outside loo. Thanks again
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For Sale - Items Jump to new posts
Universal Thermocouples brand new dodie 21st Jun 2024 6:56pm
X10 make a offer for boilers
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Wirral Now and Then Jump to new posts
Re: Abbots tv repair shop, Birkenhead muzzy2 19th Jun 2024 9:05am
All fixed now.
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For Sale - Items Jump to new posts
Cambridge A1 Special Edn Amplifier VGC £50 Oxton montyz 18th Jun 2024 4:04pm
Super clean tidy amp from the top UK hifi brand. This is the uprated special edition version of the A1 with better power supply and preamp components.
Test fully working. ALso have matching CD5.
Other hifi gear available, audio repairs possible.
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Universal Thermocouples brand new
by dodie - 21st Jun 2024 7:56pm
Cambridge A1 Special Edn Amplifier VGC £50 Oxton
by montyz - 18th Jun 2024 5:04pm
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