For Sale still boxed 225.00! A must for anyone running higher than normal boost on turbo cars.

As New Boxed ERL Aquamist Water Injection System
WI System 1S with Race version pump
Recommended Retail Price is over 380.00

This kit will enable you to enter the exciting world of water injection: a high-power magnetic piston pump and a specially-designed atomising jet form the basis of this rugged system 1. The water-pump is activated when an adjustable pressure switch, fitted to the inlet manifold, reaches its preset point: delivery rate can be altered by changing water-jet sizes. Suitable for Turbo & Super charged cars - used on all World Rally Cars with substantial performance increases.

Water Injection Systems, as used on Formula 1 cars in the 1980s, are now a very important addition to the latest breed of World Rally Cars. Following years of rigorous research ERL have developed 'Aquamist', a new generation of Intelligent Water Injection Systems. Now available outside the Works Rally Teams 'Aquamist' is an essential product for tuning Turbo charged Road and Rally cars and can be removed & installed on another car easily.

This system is boxed with all relevant installation information. P/N 806 002.
Included in this kit;
- Race version pump
- Fused wire loom
- Adjustable pressure switch
- 0.5, 0.6, 0.7mm Water jets
- 2mm, 4mm Nylon hose
- Stainless fasteners
- 40 Amp relay
- In line filter- System switch

Esprit V8 GT

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