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For those who need to clean larger surface areas with more power, the Kärcher K7 Premium Eco!logic Home is a truly advanced medium level pressure washer, boasting a hardwearing aluminium pump head. Thanks to an eco rotary switch energy and water is reduced by up to 20% for a true energy efficient model with excellent results.
The hardworking 3000W motor is looked after by water-cooling, so you can enjoy enhanced performance and a longer life. This machine also has a water inlet filter to prevent dirt particles from damaging the pump.
With a huge 600 litres per hour flow rate and powerful 160 bar pressure, the K7 Premium Eco!logic Home is ideal for cleaning:
Garden patios and decking
Stone walls
Larger vehicles
It hosts a Plug & Clean detergent system, which makes for quick and convenient changeover between detergents and offers a seamless cleaning experience. The quick connect release on both ends of the hose reduces set up times even further.
For a completely responsive user experience, the motor stops automatically when the trigger is released. Upright construction, smooth wheels and a higher handle offer excellent mobility when transporting this pressure washer. Meanwhile the lance and trigger storage facility and large cable hook ensures compact storage.
Accessory information
Vario lance
For infinitely variable pressure control from low-pressure to high-pressure jet by simply twisting the spray lance, easy to connect to your trigger gun with the bayonet design.

Is a powerful rotary nozzle designed with a rotating pencil jet which provides up to 50% greater cleaning power than a standard high pressure lance, ideal for removing stubborn dirt on moss covered or weathered surfaces.

T400 Patio cleaner
For an even faster splash-free cleaning of surfaces such as patios and walls made of stone or wood. Increased cleaning power with two rotating flat jet nozzles plus a 3rd jet to clean into corners which is operated by a foot switch, this unit is designed with a protective grate to make it suitable for cleaning Japanese gardens and gravelled surfaces. Height adjustable for effective cleaning of uneven surfaces.

Ecologic Universal Plug & Clean detergent
A powerful, ecological universal cleaner from 100 % renewable raw materials and a bottle made from sugarcane plastic. Effortlessly removes oil, grease and dirt from all round the home & garden. Simply plug the container into your plug & clean facility or put the detergent suction tube into the container.

Ecologic Suction hose & Filter
This accessory is used for extracting harvested water from your water source to use with your pressure washer.

High-pressure hose
10m Flexible & robust high-pressure hose which is simple to connect to your trigger gun and then can be securely attached to your unit with the quick click system.

Am quite happy to have it all set up for you to try out.

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