Hi everybody,

I'm having a huge clear out of my bedroom and new furniture so I am offering a 2 door and matching 4+2 chest of drawers for 50 together. I might have a matching bed-side table too if my brother doesn't want it.

They are in really good condition, about 3 years old, used to be violet but I have painted them cream, the wardrobe had purple butterfly stickers on them but they are able to peel off. The only thing needing to do on the wardrobe is nail the back of the wardrobe back on as I have so many clothes they have pushed it away. The chest of drawers has a small round burn on from me being silly and leaving a tea-light to burn out. But this could probably be covered or sanded away.

I will try and put pics up later but these will be ready by end of the month hopefully!

Will take a offer too! So just hit me with them!
You will have to pic up though!

Anything else you want to know just message me!