I'm not sure if this is in the right section but sure it will be moved if it is.

Commercially produced music, film and games discs can be sold to websites like Music Magpie, swapped on sites like Swapshop or taken to your local charity shop, but not discs that have been burned. But what to do with them? They take 100′s of years to decompose in landfill.
CDís and DVDís are made from almost pure Polycarbonate. Jewel cases are injection moulded from Polystyrene.

There are only a couple of recycling plants in the country and one is in Leasowe at Polymer Recycling, Peninsula Business Park, Reeds Lane, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 1DW. I live nearby so whenever I collect a batch of old cds and jewel cases I hand them into the guys at the gatehouse.
Just a thought in case any of you have any piles of cds that come in magazines, old burnt ones etc.