Shogun "Stone Harbor" beach cruiser - model No. J192652 in very good condition as hardly used.

Single gear with "pedal back" brake - no cables whatsoever, it has an 18" frame measured from the centre of crank to top of frame - I am 6' and with the seat adjusted it is plenty big enough and comfortable to ride.

I bought the bike this year on ebay and was going to ride around on it during summer but since we've had crap weather and I also have a mountain bike this has found itself in the shed almost all of the time. So, time to make room and stop wasting a good bike through lack of use.

It has new pedals fitted, new handlebar grips (as I didn't like the ones which were on it) and I have replaced some nuts and bolts with stainless. The bike is in very good condition but does have some marks/small scratches none of which are serious. The seat is sprung and is comfy to sit on/ride, it has full length mudguards so no muck up your back if its wet weather. It has no reflectors fitted but I do have them, the bell is fitted to the handlebar stem so there is no clutter on the bars. The wheels are steel and factory painted grey - the tyres are very good having had very little use, it also has a stand fitted.
I live in New Brighton, Wirral (CH45) and the price......120
So there you are, nice bike in good condition - NO postage offered - collection ONLY - ride it home if you live near enough