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It's been announced today that O2 has won the exclusive contract to sell the new Palm Pre in Britain.

That means it will be the only UK network selling what many regard as the two smartest phones on the market right now, the Pre and Apple's iPhone.

So congratulations to O2 - but just a little question. Is your network really good enough to cope with the flood of data?

Because the whole point of both phones is that users will be doing far more than just talking and texting - they will be online all of the time making the most of their unlimited data packages built into the pricey contracts you will be selling them...

Nice little read for anyone interested.

This is one of the reason's I choose to use Opera Mini on my HTC Universal instead of Opera Mobile 9 and Internet Explorer Mobile 6 (which are actually native to the Windows Mobile 6 Operating system whereas you have to hack Opera Mini to get it to work) - the simple reason being that Opera Mini makes use of the Opera serverfarm and Opera Turbo technology to cache and compress web data by upto 90%, meaning no matter whether im using 3G, EDGE or even GPRS, everything loads up instantly and runs at broadband speeds.

My phone does not support HSDPA, yet many users of this technology, including iPhone 3G users, reguarly comment how my internet browsing is lightning fast compared to theirs.

Personally, I believe they should concentrate a lot more on implementing technologies like this network-wide rather than simply trying to upgrade all parts of the network, which still not solve the root of the problem, and is an excessively expensive proposition. It's not the speed of the data that's the problem, its the amount of data shared, these are mobile devices and for 90% of applications, they need not be downloading the same amount of data as a laptop - my phone is a very rare breed in that it has a full-VGA screen, and is essentially a pocket-laptop, yet the compression used by Opera Mini makes zero difference to my web-experience. It will have even less impact on 99.9% of phone, which have inferior 320x240 and even less resolution screens.


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