Well i thought id hunt around for the most craziest gadgets on the market.. The gadget in question has not been tested by my self so im just posting stuff that looks good and which is down right silly but still its something you must have isnt it?

Anyway no disclaimers here cause if you buy it.. Its your problem not the websites or mine so if you buy a Cow with a Digital milker and it knackers and the milk goes everywhere or the cow goes AWOL then its not our fault smile

On to the Gadget

Ever wanted to chat to your friends but have you ever wanted your friends to get scared when youve gone 3D ? well know you can with this new WebCam its now possible to record your self in 3D.. This is just crazy and this is the reason ive added it to this weeks Gadget of the week. So start goofing around and turn your self into a 3D model haha tease

check out the website below its mad...

Click here

Lee Mills