Two days after Jayne Soliman was declared brain-dead, her grieving husband saw her life-support machine turned off.

In a moment of unbelievable poignancy, he was then given their Baby daughter to hold for the first time.

Doctors had kept 41-year-old Mrs Soliman's heart beating after she suffered a brain haemorrhage.

For 48 hours they pumped large doses of steroids into her body to help the Baby's lungs develop.

Then they delivered Baby Aya Jayne by caesarean section. At 26 weeks, she weighed just 2lb 11/2oz.

The tiny infant was placed on her mother's shoulder for a moment before being handed to her father, Mahmoud Soliman.

Aya - her name is a word from the Koran meaning miracle - is now doing well in hospital while 29-year-old Mr Soliman struggles to cope with the misery of suddenly losing his wife and the joy of becoming a father.