THE Simpsons are about to spark an unholy war by accusing their Muslim neighbour of being a terrorist.

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TV bosses are terrified that the popular cartoon family will become a hate target when the latest show pokes fun at Islam.

In the most controversial episode ever, daft Homer convinces pals the Middle Eastern family will blow them up.

He even calls Allah “Oliver” and holy book The Koran “The Corona” in scenes certain to enrage Muslim fanatics.

The trouble starts after Homer’s son Bart befriends a young boy called Bashir.

Halfwit Homer is already worried when bartender pal Moe tells him: “He’s probably up to no good like the Middle Eastern guys on ‘24’.”

In a reference to the cult US TV cop show, Moe adds:  “Invite him round for dinner and then ‘Jack Bauer’ him into giving away their true secrets.”

So Homer invites Bashir and his family but makes an idiot of himself over their religion, talking about worshipping “Oliver” and reading “The Corona”.

Later Homer spies Amid unloading sticks of TNT and saying: “I love blowing up buildings.” He hacks into their computer and finds maps of the shopping mall so warns his pals of a terror attack.

But he has to apologise as it turns out Amid works in demolition and has been paid by the town to blow up the old mall.

Last night a spokesman for The Islamic Cultural Centre & The London Central Mosque in London said: “I hope Muslims take no notice of this show.”

But Simpsons creator Matt Groening, 54, defended the show, to air on Sky1 on Sunday at 7pm. He said:  “Cartoons deal in stereotypes. We try to be sensitive.”

A Sky1 spokesman added: “At the end of the show, all the issues are resolved and Homer realises the error of his ways.”