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ITV1 has cut children's programming by more than a third this year despite opposition from Ofcom.

The broadcaster's latest disagreement with the regulator emerged today as public service broadcasters released statements on their programming plans for 2008.

Originally, ITV1 proposed to halve its 2007 provision of about four hours per week. Ofcom responded that it would be "inappropriate" to reduce it at all.

The channel revised up its plan to around 2.5 hours per week - still a 36% cut - and the regulator was powerless to stop it.

"Ofcom remains of the view that ITV should not further reduce its children’s output at all, pending completion of Ofcom’s PSB review currently underway," it said in a statement. "Ofcom is, however, unable to take any further action."

I was somewhat stunned when I saw the amount, or rather lack of, childrens content on ITV1 last year... I remember the days when it was on every afternoon from like 15:15 until like 17:30... now there is literally nothing during the weekdays.

No wonder Ofcom are right pissed off with ITV. It's about time someone made them abide by the fact they are a PSB and not just a commercial channel!!

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