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The rush to grab a share of the huge and potentially lucrative market for PCs and laptops in China continues.

Beijing-based Lenovo, which acquired IBM's PC division in 2005, has announced a low-cost computer aimed at the country's vast rural population.

The $199 (99) machine will plug into a TV and come with educational software.

PC sales in China grew by 23% in the last quarter, according to researchers at Gartner, and its online population could overtake the US by 2009.

About 60% of China's 1.3bn residents live outside of the main urban areas. According to the World Bank around 150 million people in the country live on less than $1 a day.

Its good to see Lenovo doing this, but not overly unexpected as its their home market. It seems a lot of companies are now involved in the battle to provide cheap PC's for lesser developed countries and region's.

With the profit margins being so small on the computers, its actually nice to know that companies are not all about making million's, although a lot of it will increase brand awareness and potential market share.

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