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Smokers in Liverpool could be asked not to light up in their own homes during visits from council staff.
Health and safety officers have drawn up the plan as part of Liverpool City Council's no smoking policy to stop officers being exposed to smoke.

Residents will be asked to open windows and refrain from smoking about half an hour before - and during - visits.

The council, which will debate the policy on Wednesday, insists the new rule would not be a "ban".

If residents insist on smoking at home during a visit from a council employee, the visit will be ended and they will be asked to attend a council office.

Liverpool City Council has had a no smoking policy inside its buildings for 10 years.

To be fair, this is something which is now coming into force in Wirral too. There are signs up in my flats requesting that tenants do not smoke when being visited by council and housing representatives, which I think is pretty fair enough.

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