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Think about this one, as the price of this is only £4 more than the fine you'll get for using your phone, and not to mention the points you'll soon get.

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List price £99.99 CustomIce price £64 each.

The BT-1 is a specially designed product allowing car drivers to make and receive calls without holding a mobile phone, in order to improve driving safety.

It is Bluetooth V1.2 compliant and provides a clean wirelss audio connection to Bluetooth mobile phones and PDA's.
The caller's ID, phone books, battery capacity, call progress information and device status can be displayed on the OLED diaplay

It allows the user to syncronize the phone book with paired mobile phones and originate calls from the phone book.

The software upgrade feature allows users to upgrade to newer firmware via the USB. The BT-1 can be easily mounted on the sunvisor or on an air vent in your car.

The OLED screen displays phone status, battery capacity, call status, callerís ID and Phonebook

User friendly menu design ideal for car drivers to make/receive calls and operating the device

With Phonebook, users can originate calls from Phonebooks and sync Phonebook with mobile phones

Support A2DP, AVRCP, HS/HF,OBEX and OPP profiles

Software upgradeable via USB port

Voice dialing and user friendly operation keys ideal for car
drivers to make/receive calls

Support advanced features such as Two-Link and Multi-language display (optional)

3.5mm Line-out connector for a standard headset for voice privacy