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IPOD illuminated cradles

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Ipod car kit - clear cradle RED, BLUE or WHITE led's

i-Drive is a complete in-car solution for ipod installation. The kit includes a universal cradle with LED lighting that accepts mini ipod, G2, G3 and ipod nano plus a harness with phono/RCA output. i-Drive has made for ipod approval and is manufacturered using high quality connectors and components.

What's in the box:

Cradle with chosen LED lighting
Harness with connector for +12v & ground and phono/RCA output
Four transparent sleeves
Mounting hinge and screws

When using the i Dive with an OEM radio you will require an auxiliary interface. The i Drive can also be used with an aftermarket radio if a aux in with RCA connectors is available then no additional leads are required. If no RCA input connection is present then it may be possible to re-assign the CD port to an input and use one of the aux aftermarket input leads or alternatively an FM Modulator.

RRP 42 Cruise Wirral member's offer 35 each