More of a warning with orange or formally know as Wanadoo formally know as freeserve.

Reason for change, 17.99 a month.
+ Loss of connection.

What they do rant about is in there Terms and Conditions
they have an obligation to provide a service to you
but not the modem you use (Which is provided by them).

Its my uncle not me, but ive been on the phone all day
going in circles and circles and wanting to change his
ISP over to Sky Broadband as an existing customer.

Saturday - Internet goes off line.
No Notice of this or e-mail anything.
Its now been due to an upgrade to the service at the exchange.

The down side is that the modem that wanadoo provided as part of there service is not compatable with the new service, as in
its a 6mb line and the modem can only handle 2mb
so its not possible to connect.

Now my uncle has been with them for 3 years and because
he's discusted with the service and paying too much.

They have offered to give him a new service at 19.99
but when i said forget it suddenly a service of 10.99
was available. But it would take 5 days for a new modem to arrive.

Well he can have Broadband with Sky for Free as he has
a package with them already.

So it turns out that to switch over, that the line has
to be cleared of Orange for 24hrs and then i can apply
for Sky to be activated.

So calling them to cancel bar in mind he is "Out of Contract"
as his original contract is over 3 years ago.
They that there is 30 days Notice to be given
and then a further 10 working days to clear.

And all that with out the ability to connect with his current
modem, which was all hunky dory until saturday.

No point in getting tied into a new contract with orange
just for a new wirless modem.

O yeh Sky dont recognise the MAC code from orange
so they say hence the line has to be cleared.

I think this is Discusting, as it could work out that
he can not have any internet for 44 days or more.

Orange have it so wrong.

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