Good, solid belt drive turntable made in Japan by Akai. New belt just fitted.

This has a big chunky motor, a decent J-shaped arm and a reasonably weighty chipboard plinth, much better than the usual flimsy moulded plastic chassis found on other budget turntables.

OK it's no Linn but it does sound pretty good, with a decent Audio Technica cart and stylus fitted.

Very good wow/flutter/rumble spec and auto return function.

Fitted with RCA phono plug leads and ground wire, and a detachable kettle-style power cord.

It's got a few battle scars, notably the lid which has been painted black on top in an effort to hide some obvious blemishes.

But for a starter TT which will sound considerably better than most others in it's price range (I'm thinking of you, Ion, steepletone etc), there's a lot to like.
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