I've just been to the Captain's Pit and the water level is so low the fish are swimming around in less than a foot of water. They're churning up mud and silt as they swim around. This is unacceptable and the majority of the fish will die if water isn't added soon.
As the water evaporates off, the remaining toxins from duck and geese droppings gets more concentrated, turning the water into a thick biological soup.
With electrical storms forecast soon, this will no doubt finish the fish off as the barometric pressure bottoms out and sucks even more oxygen from the remaining water.
If you care about your local fishing/fish, please contact the council, the RSPCA and the Environmental agency and ask them to get some water pumped in, to raise the levels before a disaster occurs.
I presume that Central Park lake is in a similar state, although I haven't had a chance to see it for myself, If it is, can someone please report that as well?

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