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#921806 - 16th Jan 2015 11:41am U.K. International aid budget. *****
ludwigvan Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 6th Jan 2010
Posts: 1129
Loc: Middle Earth
With the general election fast approaching,have any of the main parties suggested reducing the U.K.'s international aid budget which is running somewhere between 10-11 BILLION pounds,that would certainly come in handy at home. You may or may not find it interesting that the top ten recipients of our largesse are all Muslim countries,at least two of which are nuclear powers for goodness sake.

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#921818 - 16th Jan 2015 12:48pm Re: U.K. International aid budget. [Re: ludwigvan]
casper Online   content
Forum Addict

Registered: 13th May 2012
Posts: 1282
Loc: wallasey
The trouble with foreign aid is it goes to the wrong people,most of it wasted by those in power on boosting their armed forces and feathering their own nests, taxpayers money is abused here, so you can imagine what its like in those countries that it goes to, India has already told us to stick it, even though they have poverty there, but Cameron has decreed that we must suffer the same fate to pay for the bankers greed, so we must keep paying to grease the palms of the corrupt, to ensure dodgy business opportunities come our way.

#921857 - 16th Jan 2015 4:26pm Re: U.K. International aid budget. [Re: ludwigvan]
granny Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 29th Jun 2011
Posts: 14144
Loc: Wirral
Mr Cameron stated in April 2014 that is was his proudest achievement , having raised the Foreign Aid budget by more that 30%.to 11 billion. More than France, USA and Italy.
Only Norway ,Sweden, Luxemburg and Sweden give more than us. Germany give almost half of what UK gives.

Tory MP Peter Bone: 'It is absurd to just throw money at an arbitrary target'

India receives a chunk due to research into satellite systems etc.
I find confusing that 11.3 billion comes out of the Department for International Development for Overseas Development Aid. Does that provide from the same budget ,aid for the hungry of this world?
If Germany seems to think it can dictate on so many issues concerning our own and other European countries, maybe it's time all the European countries contributed equally to a big pot to be divided between the 'needy' world countries on an equal basis.

The article below although directed at the Christian atrocities being committed world wide, does give other information such as which countries that receive aid from us.
At the bottom of the page gives a breakdown in millions of how much each of 50 countries receives.
At the top of the page Click on "Open Doors 2014 World Watch" and then onto individual countries to get a synopsis of what's,what .


So we pay countries abroad to fail in any attempts to control massacres, and we pay here to protect other religious groups.
As from today the 260,000 Jewish population in this country are hoping for police protection, we know not how many Zionists we have here in this country....and while that is possibly acceptable, when do the children in the Church of England schools, the Catholic Schools and any other schools of this country actually come into the equation ? Let's put some of the money towards that.
Although these extremist attacks were not originally put under the banner of Religious War, I believe it is rapidly progressing to that, due to over reaction in the last week.(bad as it was)Jewish are running scared, Muslims are being humiliated and getting angry and the Christians are more or less staying quiet.
We need some of that money to look after our own, particularly the Police.
Australia is cutting their Overseas Aid by 7.6 billion. Well done Australia !
Maybe I've said enough, and maybe it's bunkum, but could say a lot more, bunkum or not ! laugh
Even officials of some African countries have in the past said that the more that is given in aid, the more it is expected which results in the leaders of such countries failing to tackle the real issues at home.

Edited by granny (16th Jan 2015 4:28pm)
...and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.FN

#922378 - 19th Jan 2015 10:49am Re: U.K. International aid budget. [Re: ludwigvan]
BandyCoot Offline

Forum Veteran

Registered: 7th Dec 2008
Posts: 5352
Loc: Birkenhead
the way it is going it seems the only people who are not entitled to any protection, financial or security-wise, are the indigenous population. It's the way the native americans must've felt, oh and the aborigines.
Birkenhead........ God's own Room 101.


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