selling on behalf of my Girlfriend.

link to bike on halfords website

bought last year, used once, still has all the shop stickers on etc.

i have also added a speedometer but misplaced the actual main unit so will have a look for it but no guarantees i can find it. i have a good idea as to where it is though.

pics of actual bike available upon request, however it's as-new condition, as i say, ridden once (from shop to home) and just not used since as she's had no time, no real use for it (prefers walking) and isn't the most confident on a bike (understandable for the lack of experience she has of riding one)

i will give it a service before Sale (pump tyres up, tighten anything that needs tightening, calibrate the brakes and gears and oil up the necessary moving parts so you can get on and ride it home. will make any adjustments you wish for also if you want me to when picked up. - will be 'servicing it' as over time if it's not used cables can loosen, tyres can deflate, it's usual stuff...

asking price: 80ono

would be great in this weather for a ride along the prom or the wirral way!

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