There's an event happening in Liverpool on Sunday, the filming of a music video at the Bombed out church

Looks to be good fun here is some details oh and they are still looking for more volunteer face painters if anyone is free

"The plan is make both a music video but also a video that clearly demonstrates how important the building is to the DNA of the city and how loved and cherished it is. Buildings like this are what makes cities special. Real one-offs that you don't get anywhere else. Ambrose has done an incredible job over the last few years of making sure interesting things happen inside it still. Ambrose is a clever, funny and super pro-active guy that should be allowed to continue his work with the bombed out church.
Hopefully this video will go someway to help him do that. This is not a highly-charged, super-serious political stance, this is a light hearted event organised to show off how much the people of Liverpool care for it.

So, that's the plan.

The theme of the new Silent Sleep album is woodland creatures. If everybody (again, it's not super-serious, so if you don't want to dress up, you don't have to!) could bear this in mind on Sunday, that would be mega. I'm hoping that there will be face painters on hand on the day to help out with this! Anything goes really, mice, hedgehogs, squirrels, wolves, bears, birds...anything that you think will work.

11am - Meet at Tribeca, Berry St, for some breakfast pizza, coffee and face painting.

12 - At 12 we'll begin the shoot. The shoot will involve the band walking up Bold Street, towards the church and arriving at the church at the moment of the song when the drums and guitars kick off (about 2 mins in) and from then on, the band will be amongst the crowd (you guys) whilst everybody around is dancing and laughing and and having a ball. Feel free to sing along, clap, stomp, kiss, ball-room dance...ANYTHING!
We plan to do this quite a few times to try and get as many different shots as possible!
There will be plenty of people working on the video who will be letting you know at all times what is going on!!

3pm (ish) - Shoot over! Job done! Let's go to Tribeca and have a pint.

6pm (ish) - we'll be heading down to Sound Food and Drink on Duke Street to play an intimate gig. All welcome (if you're still standing!)

Any party paraphernalia that anybody can bring would be hugely appreciated and like I said yesterday, I'll be heading to the church on Saturday afternoon to decorate the place ahead of our gathering - if you have a spare hour or two, please come along. We'll be there from

I think that's all for now but keep looking for updates as I may have forgotten something!

Really looking forward to it. It's gonna be boss. Here's the song - get learning the words.

Chris x"