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#757653 - 15th Jan 2013 2:07am Pet rabbit dumped in box and.........
Tilly Offline

Forum Addict

Registered: 22nd Oct 2009
Posts: 1702
Loc: wallasey
....and left to freeze to death im local park...
A PET rabbit was dumped in a box on top of a bin and left to freeze to death by its owner says the RSPCA.

Wirral RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes was called to Mersey Park in Tranmere on Sunday where passersby had discovered the animal in a cardboard box.

The rabbit, which was “emaciated” and in a “poor condition,” failed to survive the cold weather and had been suffering from illness.

Now Insp Joynes is calling on local residents to come forward with any information they may have.

He said: “The box had holes that had been punched through the box and the edge appeared to have been nibbled away.

“At this stage it looks like someone has dumped this rabbit in a weak and emaciated state and it has succumbed to the cold weather on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

“This has been a cruel act as this rabbit was clearly suffering from malnutrition or illness and would have needed urgent veterinary treatment.

Inspector Joynes added: “In my opinion rabbits are the most neglected pet in the UK. Rabbits have a complex set of needs and to make good pets need time spent on them every day from a very early age.

“The person responsible for this cruel act if caught could be sent to prison for six months and given a fine of up to £20,000.” Anyone with information can call the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999 and leave a message for Inspector Joynes.

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#757660 - 15th Jan 2013 8:19am Re: Pet rabbit dumped in box and......... [Re: Tilly]
Mark Online   Reading

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21031
Loc: Wirral
Only highlights how savage we can be as humans.
Terrible story but highlights the consequences for this behaviour.
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Wow Wirral History is coming along Great! Wirral History

we get +200 new members a month now smile

#757669 - 15th Jan 2013 9:44am Re: Pet rabbit dumped in box and......... [Re: Mark]

well tilly...iam not sure if it will ever change...there are people out there with no hearts..no conscious and therfore can do this kind of stuff...may they have no luck in life..

#757712 - 15th Jan 2013 11:24am Re: Pet rabbit dumped in box and......... [Re: Tilly]
NettyMc Offline


Registered: 14th Nov 2012
Posts: 53
Loc: Birkenhead
This is such a sad story....Its disgraceful to think anyone could treat a helpless little Rabbit in this way. When my children were little, we had two lovely Rabbits we got fro Heswall Rabbit Rescue. They were timid and very clean , they became part of the family, they were litter trained and lived part time indoors...they enjoyed plenty of exercise and food, plenty of time in the garden. They lived 8 years with us and we lost them both to old age. They make fantastic pets and are very good for helping children to understand how to care for be responsible.My own children had to read Library books on how to care for Rabbits before they were allowed to have any as pets. I think Rabbits are the most neglected of all pets, they cant demand food, bark or make a noise when in need or pain. Reading this article made me very sad....why didn't the person who dumped this poor little Rabbit leave it outside the RSPCA...at least it may have stood a chance.

#757720 - 15th Jan 2013 12:28pm Re: Pet rabbit dumped in box and......... [Re: Tilly]
granny Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 29th Jun 2011
Posts: 13997
Loc: Wirral
This is so upsetting. Too many of them are shut in garages or sheds,in the dark, sitting in inches of damp urine and muck and only seen when someone remembers to feed them and probably forget to fill their dry water bottles, because that means another trip back into the hosue. I really detest the people who treat these animals in such ways.
I adore rabbits and they are quite intelligent pets. Mine lived until 12 years of age, he died about 5yrs ago now. He went on holiday with us, played with the dog, had guinea pigs as companions, lived in a summer house and spent a lot of time in the house, particularly when he was older and needed more warmth. He was litter trained and would quite readily jump up on knees for a cuddle and stroke.

We were once called a 'Nation of Animal Lovers' what on earth happened?

Edited by granny (15th Jan 2013 12:40pm)
...and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.FN

#757722 - 15th Jan 2013 12:40pm Re: Pet rabbit dumped in box and......... [Re: Tilly]
Nighteyes Offline

Registered: 7th Apr 2009
Posts: 261
Loc: New Brighton, Wallasey
NettyMc, actually they can make noise when they are in pain or scared, it's a noise you never want to hear.

It doesn't take much effort to look after them properly, certainly easier than a dog but they do need a bit of know how as it's easy to get it wrong and end up having to go the vets or worse. I can't see how someone could just treat one so badly and dump the poor little thing, they should be shamed

#757732 - 15th Jan 2013 1:47pm Re: Pet rabbit dumped in box and......... [Re: Tilly]
missmahjong Online   content
Wiki Guide

Registered: 3rd Jun 2012
Posts: 6504
Loc: wirral
RIP poor animal!!! Sadly this is happening FAR to much!!!

#757755 - 15th Jan 2013 2:21pm Re: Pet rabbit dumped in box and......... [Re: Tilly]
venice Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 21st Jul 2011
Posts: 2628
Loc: Wirral
You never know ,I find it easier to cope with if I imagine that it could be that it had been taken to a vets in the box,maybe its second or third visit for all we know, was unresponsive to treatment and then later died at home and the owner wasnt sure how to dispose of it (costs money at vets) and so left the travel box on the bins. Left out, rats could easily have nibbled the box edges or the rabbit may have done it en route to vets etc.
I agree with everyone else though, very sad. Rabbits really are horrendously neglected by many families. Out of sight, out of mind down the garden. Poor little rabbit. They go downhill so quickly when the subtle signs of illhealth are not picked up fast.


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