Bottle attacks and no prison sentencing, something is seriously wrong with the justice system


Published on Tuesday 7 February 2012 14:39

A TEENAGER who smashed a broken bottle into a man’s head during a street attack by up to 30 youths has walked free from court.

The victim had told the gang he “didn’t want any trouble” before he was punched to the ground then repeatedly kicked in the head and face.

Shani Rahman then broke a bottle against a wall and thrust the sharp remains into the victim’s head.

Prosecutor Glenda Turnbull told the court the victim had been walking along Eden House Road, Eden Vale, in Sunderland last April, when he was punched.

Miss Turnbull said: “Eventually, he ended up on the ground with the group of Asian males gathered around him, repeatedly kicking him in the head and face.

“There was about 15 males in the group.”

The court heard one witness to what happened said there could have been 30 males involved.

The victim managed to get up and tried to stagger away, but that did not bring an end to his ordeal.

Miss Turnbull said: “A witness saw the defendant approach the injured party from behind and swing his arm towards the rear of the male’s head.

“The male’s head was covered in blood and so were the defendant’s hands.

“Another witness saw the defendant with a clear glass bottle in his hand which he smashed on a nearby wall.

“She saw him lift up the broken bottle and strike the injured party to the head.”

The court heard the victim did not make a statement to the police or co-operate with the prosecution so it is unclear what injuries he suffered.

Miss Turnbull said there is no evidence to suggest it was a race-hate attack. One of the attackers has already been dealt with by the courts and was given a referral order.

Rahman, 19, of Burnville Road South, Eden Vale, Sunderland, admitted affray.

Mr Recorder Miller sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision and programme requirements.

The judge said Rahman could be given a chance to keep his freedom, but warned: “Anyone who uses a glass bottle and smashes it against someone’s head as you did would normally expect to face immediate imprisonment.

“It is a very serious matter indeed.”

Vic Laffey, defending, said Rahman comes from a respectable family and is “keen to get himself on the right track”.