Alto L8 - 8 Channel 2 Bus Mixer with DSP

18 months old, in perfect working order

ALTO L-8 Mixer8-Channel 2-Bus Mixer with DSP

Separate outputs for 4 submaster controls to enable more flexible routing
Control room / phone matrix
2 headphone outputs
4 mono inputs with gold plated XLR and balanced TRS jack
TRIM and +48V Phantom Power for mono / mic inputs
2 stereo inputs with balanced TRS jacks input 5 has a mic input too
Peak LED in each channel
Very effective 3 - band EQ
2 AUX sends: AUX 1 PRE - FADER for monitoring, AUX 2 POST - FADER for internal DSP or external effects can be changed in PRE - FADER send for monitoring
24 - bit internal DSP with 256 effects, 16 presets by 16 variations with DSP MUTE switch and Peak LED
2 Stereo AUX return AUX2/DFX with level and routing to AUX 1
2 - track IN / OUT with discrete switches for routing to Control Room and / or to Main Mix
Discrete output level for Phones / Control Room
Balanced XLR & TRS jack output
Dimensions (WxDxH): 245 x 268 x 24 / 73mm (9.6" x 10.6" x 0.9/2.9")
Weight: 3.0kg (6.6 lb)

As seen here:

Looking for only £30 - can deliver free of charge locally