Rear Screen = Limo Black
Rear Doors = Limo Black
Front Doors = Light Smoke (lets through 75% light so is legal for front door windows

As New still in carboard tube, comes with all tools and instructions to fit.

Pre-Cut Window Tint for FIAT PUNTO MK2 – 5 Door Hatchback – Rear Windows including rear doors = Limo Black
Front drivers and passenger= Light Smoke (Legal)

PROFESSIONAL Pre-Cut window tint,
Fits FIAT PUNTO MK2 5 Door Hatchback 1999-2005,
Hand cut by professional window tint specialists to specifically fit your vehicles windows,
100% ACCURATE Hand cut tint, unlike C.A.D Cut tint kits designed on a computer, which don’t usually match the curvature of the windows,
This kit has been designed to accurately match the curvature of all windows,
No trimming is required which overall cuts out 85% of the time required to cut and fit window tint, as well as taking out all the stress and hassle of cutting the tint yourself,
The window tint used is a high quality product with 99% UV resistance,
The kit contains 5 pre-cut rolls of window tint, which will accurately cover all windows and the rear tailgate window of your car,
Also included is detailed picture and written instructions of how to apply the window film, as well as a plastic card,
This is very high quality window film kit which would usually cost £50-£60 from window tint specialists,
so take advantage of this offer and grab yourself a bargain!!

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