This is a full set-up hydraulic suspension kit for Honda Civics aged between 92-00 (and any car with similar suspension set-ups). It is a complete bolt on kit, with no need for welding or cutting, and can be removed and returned back to standard suspension whenever needed in the future. It gives full front/back/side to side movement, with about 8-12" of travel.

I bought the kit about 6-8 months ago from Rayvern Hydraulics, one for my car and another for a friend. He decided he didnt want it though and I was left with it! It cost me 1450, and I need to get rid asap as got some debts I need to pay, so asking for 750ono.

It is brand new, and never been fitted before, infact its still in the original box. I have been told that it is a simple bolt on job for anyone mechanically minded (full written instructions can be provided) or cost about 200 for someone to do it.