TRIBUTES have been paid to a West Kirby legend whose homemade ice-creams delighted generations of visitors to the resort.

Ben Tottey, who died last week aged 82, ran his “chick chop” Tottey’s Home-Made Ice Cream Shop in Dee Lane for nearly 30 years.

Mr Tottey was a joiner by trade but took over a sweet shop run by his parents in Acacia Grove, West Kirby.

He built his ice-cream emporium in Dee Lane in 1964 and ran it until he retired in 1993, aged 65.

Mr Tottey’s wife Anne and children Guy, now 43 and Jane, 45, also helped out in the family business.

Guy said: “My grandparents had a sweet shop and made the ice cream as well.

“When my dad bought the house in Dee Lane he opened the shop and carried on the ice cream tradition.

“It was all built from scratch and he made everything himself out of wood.

“He was a real character.

“He used to say “all right chick chop” to people who walked into the shop.

“It was just something he came up with and everyone seems to remember it.

“The ice cream was a real treat and kids would come in after school to get one.

“He was this madcap character and they were fascinated by him.”

Mr Tottey also sold sweets, toys and buckets and spades, which attracted hordes of daytrippers to the shop.

Guy said: “The beach was there so all the people used to come over at the weekend and the place was heaving.

“We used to get up every morning and put out all the buckets and spades.

“People used to pay a deposit and they’d be able to take a pot of tea and cups down to the beach.

“It was great. Both my sister and I helped out in the shop occasionally over the years.

“My dad said take what you want but you’d soon get sick of it!

“The ice-cream shop was his life and he was so proud of it.”