I had a Mountain Bike Stolen last year frmo Rivvington Avenue on the Noctorum. I only had the bicycle 3 weeks before it was stolen from me. This bike cost me over £1800. I spotted some scamp on it the other week in Oxton, someone i know, knows him but wont give up his name how wrong is that? It is a Marin Mount Vision i know at the momebnt it is tucked away inside a house on the Noctorum, where i do not know. I know the young lad who was riding it his name is KYLE i do not know his second name, but i also have now been told he has given it to his older brother who i presume is the one who stole it. His name i do not know either but i am working on it believe me. Anyone with any information that leads to the retuen of this bike will be eligible for a handsome reward. I worked my ass off to buy that bike and someone has taken it from me. Not only stealing from me but my little boy aswell. Any information will be treated in the strictest of confidence. [Linked Image]

This is driving me mad and i want it back.