Anyone used one of these little beauties, hands on like? If so, what are they like... could be a good replacement for my HTC Universal and allow me to carry my beloved K800i instead of a pocket laptop everywhere lol.

I know they run Vista, but that does not really bother me to be honest. Built-in HSDPA modem as well as WiFi, so perfect for on the move computing. My 12" laptop is ace, being a full-feature and powered laptop, in almost netbook size, but its still not as portable as id like, and the HTC Universal is excellent as a pocket pc, but not so good as a mobile phone. The P11 is sort of in-between a netbook and the HTC Uni, but runs proper Windows and is more powerful than the Uni with Windows Mobile 6.5.

Oh and the Uni has 640x480 resolution, which is immense for a phone, but the more screen real-estate the better, and the p11 has upto 1600x768 resolution.

Cheers! smile

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