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#334548 - 6th Jul 2009 8:25pm Water main burst "nightmare" in Huyton

Water main burst "nightmare" in Huyton

Residents fled as more than fifty homes were swamped with flood water when a huge main burst in Huyton, near Liverpool.

The drama began at around 8am when workmen appear to have burst the main at the corner of Huyton House Road.

Water gushed out and residents claimed the workmen flet as a tide up to three feet deep innundated homes and nearby shops. One predestrain was slightly injured

Properties a wide area accross East Liverpool were affected and had their supplied cut or suffered reduced pressure.

It is the second time in two years that Huyton House Road has been flooded from a burst water main. A similar incident damaged homes on 28th December 2007

Householder Lisa Reynolds explained that work had been carried-out by United Utilities on Friday and when it resumed at breakfast-time the major burst happened.

Lisa said: "The workmen knocked at one house and then jumped in their vans shouting 'Sorry! Close your doors' and then disappeared.

"The neighbours were shouting 'Turn it off, turn it off' but the workmen had gone and there was no-one to help us.

"There were wheelie bins floating down the street empting their contents including Baby’s nappies. I can't believe the workmen just left us to fend for ourselves.

"There a huge amount of water. It was frightening. A child or an old person could have been killed.

"There was water gushing up and flooding down the road for about 25 minutes before it was switched off."

Lisa explained that following the 2007 flood, she received #506 from United Utilities but only in April of this was she awarded #1,200 from Knowsley Council to repair decorations.

Council tenant Lisa was close to tears as she added: "We had to endure terrible damp in house the last time this happened and it made daughter ill with chest problems.

"I've only just has the final pay-out for the last damage and now this happens. It's a nightmare."

Knowsley Council said it was working with partners agencies on the effects of the flood.

A knowsley spokesman said: "At approximately 8am this morning, a large diameter pipe was damaged by contractors.

"As a result approximately 50 homes in the immediate vicinity and a number of shops on Liverpool Road were affected by flooding.

"In addition to this, water supply to homes in the L7, 8, 12, 13, 14 and 36 areas was interrupted. Many of these homes saw water supply reconnected by lunchtime with the rest restored around 3pm."

The council’s officers have been on the scene since 8.15am and are today visiting all residents in the area affected to assess their immediate needs.

"They will ensure the most vulnerable people are offered support from health and social care or another relevant agency.

"Partner agencies, including the council, police, fire service, housing associations and United Utilities, will be providing a high visibility presence in the area throughout the day to provide support to the local community."

"A support centre has been set up at The Gate on Princess Drive, which will be open until 8pm tonight and from 8am tomorrow and Wednesday.

"Any residents who have been affected can call in for help and advice from Knowsley Council, United Utilities and the police. Alternatively, the centre can be contacted on 0151 489 6222."


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#334806 - 7th Jul 2009 4:29pm Re: Water main burst "nightmare" in Huyton [Re: ]

Big clean up after water main bursts again in Huyton

THE big clean-up was under way last night after up to 100 homes were devastated by floods gushing from a burst water main.

At least seven families were offered alternative accommodation after Knowsley council officers visited homes in Huyton to assess residents’ needs.

Three schools in Knowsley and two in Liverpool were closed after water supplies were cut off, but they were expected to re-open as normal today.

Around 25,000 households were also affected as engineers worked through the day to restore supplies.

As residents tried to clean up their homes, loss adjustors visited properties in Page Moss Avenue and Huyton House Road, where the water mains burst at around 8am.

A drop-in centre manned by United Utilities and Knowsley council staff was opened at the Gate Community Centre, in Princess Drive, for people affected by the water.

The flood started after a digger punctured a 44-inch line on the corner of the two roads, causing a huge burst and throwing rubble all over the road.

It was the third burst in the area in just 18 months.

United Utilities, Huyton firefighters and council officers were all sent to the area as dirty water gushed into people’s homes.

A heavily pregnant woman was rescued from her home in an inflatable raft by firefighters as water flooded her property.

Emma Cunningham, 23, who is due to give birth to a boy in a week, was forced to lean out of an upstairs window as the flood waters engulfed her house.

She said: “The water level was so high inside the house it cut the phone off so I had to wave for help.

“I did not want to touch the water because it could be contaminated and I have got to think about the Baby.”

Her two-year-old daughter was lifted out by fire crews while Mrs Cunningham was helped into a life raft and ferried to safety.

She said: “It was embarrassing but it was also devastating. We have been doing up the Baby’s room but now cannot go back to the house.”

Mrs Cunningham and her husband Anthony, 37, face the prospect of moving in with her parents in Wavertree or staying in hotels in the run-up to the birth.

Mr Cunningham revealed it was the second time their home was hit.

He said: “It took 18 months for us to get it sorted last time, and now we have got to go through it all again.

“Hotels are not the place for babies and youngsters.

“We had the house looking nice for the new Baby, and were so excited about bringing him home.

“But this will take six months to dry out and everything is ruined.”

Michelle Roberts, 20, was walking to work when the main burst.

She said: “I was heading to work when the crane dug into the pavement next to me.

“There was a bang and I just hid my face and went up against the wall.”

A spokesman for United Utilities said supplies had been returned to most of the 25,000 people affected by the burst.

He said: “We are bringing in water through other pipes. A small number of people may also experience some discolouration in their supply.

“This is harmless and there is no cause for concern.

“Between 50 and 100 properties in the immediate area were flooded because of the burst. Loss adjusters are on site visiting those whose properties have been flooded and a clean-up operation has begun.”

He said issues around compensation would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis



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