A WOMAN who was deported while caring for her critically-ill husband has told of her delight after winning a reprieve.

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Canadian Cindy Byron was effectively sent home on Christmas Day leaving her husband Geoff alone, suffering from cancer and recovering from brain tumour surgery.

Now the 51-year-old is back in Prescot and the couple are celebrating the three-year extension to her visa.

It is the end of a bitter six-month fight to persuade the UK Border Agency to let her to stay on Merseyside and continue caring for her 55-year-old husband.

Mrs Byron was told to leave the country by the end of December or risk being deported.

She was allowed to return at the end of January but had to wait 10 days before government officials finally overturned the decision.

It is still a sad and difficult time for the couple who have had to cope with the death of Mr Byrons mother Elsie during her daughter-in-laws absence.

Mrs Byron said: Im delighted we managed to win in the end. We really have had so much on our plates.

Just before I left an immigration official told me he thought we had received an unfair judgement, but there was nothing he could do before I left.

I almost wasnt allowed back into the country, but he stepped in.

It was very hard losing Geoffs mum, but Im glad I made it back for her funeral.

Now Ive got three years and Im still able to leave the country in that time and go home and visit my children. Im delighted and we are just so relieved.

Mr Byron, who suffers seizures and is fighting cancer in his remaining kidney, lungs and spine, has beaten two brain tumours.

His wife bathes him, ensures he takes the required 31 tablets a day, cooks for him and watches over him as he sleeps.

The judgement now means for the first time she can claim some support as his carer.

Mr Byron said: Im really happy. I lost hope and didnt really expect us to be successful.

ECHO readers rallied behind the couple and even started a group on social networking site Facebook to appeal to the authorities.

Mrs Byron said: I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone.

The support we had in Merseyside extended to Canada and even to people across the US.

Most of the people who got behind us were people we didnt even know.