Peugeot's sports coupe concept, the RC Z, will go into full production and is set to go on Sale in the spring of 2010.

The French manufacturer announced its intention to build the radical 2+2 at the Lisbon Motor show today.

The concept was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year and the final model will be revealed at Frankfurt in 2009. The production car is expected to be very similar to the concept, which was based on the 308 platform and was created by the Peugeot Style Centre. It is intended as a rival to the Audi TT.

A Peugeot spokesman said: 'By deciding to put the RC Z into production, Peugeot has demonstrated its willingness to break away from the traditional look of its coupés. The RC Z has provoked great enthusiasm and has aroused keen interest from the general public. Today, the dream really does become reality.'
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