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Dubai is to buy the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship for $100m (£50.5m) and turn it into a floating hotel off the Gulf emirate's man-made islands.

The 70,000-tonne vessel, launched by the Queen in 1967, is to be sold to the Dubai World firm by Carnival, the world's largest cruise operator.

Dubai government-owned real-estate developer Nakheel is building three palm-frond shaped isles off its coast.

The ship will be berthed from 2009 at a pier at the Palm Jumeirah development.

This is very sad to see, it was sort of inevitable with the launch of the Queen Mary 2 a few years back, but I still think the QE2 could hold its own against it given the fact the QE2 has a far more prestigous reputation despite being 35 years older and 3 times smaller.

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