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A public consultation is to be carried out on plans to move Everton Football Club out of Liverpool.

The club could build a 55,000-seater ground in a development in Kirkby town centre that will also include shops, a hotel and a supermarket.

On Wednesday, Knowsley Borough Council gave the go-ahead to a major consultation on the proposals.

An event will be held in June in the town to give the public a chance to comment on the plans.

Knowsley Council said the development would create about 2,000 jobs in the town and boost the economy by up to £21.5m a year.

Hehe its so they dont have to live in the shadows of LFC grin Seriously though, its bad idea to move a club from its homeland imho, MK Dons have seriously suffered since leaving Wimbledon, the same is feared for Chester if they move to Wigan. Yes they always get people in the stadium whereever teams who are big move to, but its never the same atmosphere or loylaty.

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