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Music giant EMI is taking software locks off its digital music sold via download sites such as iTunes.
The "premium" versions of EMI tracks will lack the digital locks common to songs available via many online sites.

The move is significant because most download sites currently try to limit piracy by restricting what people can do with music they buy.

Apple's iTunes store will start selling the EMI tracks in the "premium" format in May, with other services to follow.

This is a great move imho, it seems the tracks will cost an extra 20p to be delivered without DRM, but its a start at least. DRM are a pain in the arse and until they sort it out properly, and decide upon a universal format, they shoudlnt be selling tunes with it applied. It causes problems for many end users who are not very tech savvy.

And to think they were expecting the Beatles collection to be made available online lol.


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