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Virgin Media has today launched a digital TV service to consumers living in non-cabled areas.

The service uses the digital terrestrial television platform (DTT) and a new set-top box, offering over 40 TV channels and 25 digital radio stations.

The set-top box, which Virgin says is "roughly the same size as a video tape", will be free to any Virgin Media non-cable customer taking the up to 8Mb broadband and Talk Anytime phone bundle at 19.99 a month.

For non-cable customers taking a broadband service on its own, a one-off charge of 40 will apply.

Philip Snalune, managing director of non-cable at Virgin Media, said: "Launching a basic TV service into non-cable areas enables us to expand availability of our quadplay of broadband, phone, mobile and TV. This is just the first step and our aim is to offer more advanced TV services in all areas throughout 2008."

Not entirely sure how successful they are hoping this will be, imho it would be better for them start LLU'ing or partner with an existing LLU provider, and then offer IPTV and cheap broadband in noncabled area's, but no doubt it will interest someone somewhere.

Also, from what I can see, its actually just a DTT set top box, rather then a "service" as such. The "service" is actually Freeview, which is provided by Sky and the BBC.

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