In Summary:

We have made a complete mess of everything so we are the experts to put it right.
We have written our own Labour Party manifesto and we will complain about the contents of that.
We haven't the foggiest where we are going to get the money from, we will carry on taking it from the more vulnerable.
Don't mention the almost non-existent NHS
Don't mention Tory Councils going bust.
I'll bully and lie my way through most of this, its usually good at getting the Eton vote.
Don't answer any questions, just keep on repeating anti-Labour rhetoric, it usually works.

I've forgotten which Tory Councils are going bust - that should have been in my brief.
We can't say we have the answer to everything but we aren't going to copy what the Tories have done that has made the mess of everything.
We haven't mentioned the private partner-funding in our manifesto, or have we? Best not get to deep into this one.
I'll try and stand aloof from the Sunak verbals ..... nah, I can't help but answer back.
I daren't admit that state pensioners might pay a measly £2/yr tax in 2027/8 because Sunak will make it sound the £2M.
That noise in my left ear is putting me off, I can't think.
I can only remember the names of two female members in my team, I know there are more.

If I survive this I'll get a promotion.
I presume the viewers want a punch up rather than a political debate.
I'll let Sunak carry on interrupting but to balance things I'll let Starmer have more time.
Wat is that annoying noise in my right ear?

Tories record is of the demolition of everything in society and appear proud of it, Thatcherism/Truss Pt 2,
Sunak decided to make a lot of noise rather than talk politics.
Starmer failed to counter every argument fully despite Sunak leaving loads of open goals.
They should have sent the office cleaners along instead of these two.
I knew I shouldn't have bothered watching it.

Best laugh of the evening: Sunak getting question from a tory but Sunak obviously disappointing them with his answers, own goal!

We don't do charity in Germany, we pay taxes. Charity is a failure of governments' responsibilities - Henning Wehn