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my family lived in byrom street school place census show that a number of familys would live in one house occupying one or two rooms .the houses where built on clay deposits owned by local brickworks .my grandparents lived met and married in byrom street and appear to have moved frequently .i am trying to obtain photos of byrom st.which was demolished to make way for oak and eldon gardens vittoria court etc in the early sixtys.

Interesting - my grandad was born on Byrom Street but then moved onto Oak Street a few years later. You're right about families occupying the same property though - recently found out my grandad's family of 6 occupied 2 rooms and another family of 7 the other 2 rooms in a house on Oak Street in the 1881 census. As the family grew and the older sons got work on the docks or shipyards, by 1891 the family of 11 were able to rent a whole house in Oak Street. I've been trying to find old photos of Byrom St too, but no luck so far.