Following the collapse of A.W.A.C. (The Association of Wirral Angling Clubs) in June of last year 2017 I attended a few meetings with Wirral borough Council as they attempted to push control of the Captain's Pit and Central Park Lake into the hands of locals, encouraging them to form a club and manage the Fishing for the two waters.
Due to the inability of the council to provide satisfactory solutions to various issues I had raised, I withdrew from the meetings and decided to wait and see what would be happening with regards to the Angling situation.

Birkenhead Park had already gone down this path and formed their own Angling club for which you can now purchase a licence. However, as I had purchased a lifetime membership for A.W.A.C. waters upon reaching retirement age, I asked if the licence would still be honoured. I was told to rip it up as it was now worthless. It's a good job I didn't, as after a few emails to leisure services, it seems these lifetime memberships will be honoured. So any of you pensioners out there that still have theirs, you can fish all of the waters without having to pay licence fees for each one.

Here is an extract from an email with Paul Davies, Wirral council, Birkenhead Park Visitor Centre.....Any AWAC lifetime permits which have been purchased, such as yours, will also be respected and will therefore remain valid for life. This agreement will apply to all Wirral Council owned fisheries. Please be assured that Wirral Council will make every effort to preserve angling within its local parks and open spaces.

Has anyone heard anything about the future of the Angling on either the Captain's Pit or Central Park?

Fetere sum, ego sum Ergo