Pollsters were near enough correct, however I get the feeling that more people than ever do not feel their vote was representative of what they wanted to say, eg Liz Truss very nearly retained her seat.

In reality, Labour did not perform very well with only gaining a 1.5% increase in the share of the vote.

I can see another call for proportional representation coming up, however that would just end up as successive hung parliaments which means a lot of policies will be a trade-off (noting a trade-off is not the same as a compromise). I would agree with proportional representation if there was not a party system, it is the party system that corrupts the view of the electorate

Farage yet again was undoubtedly the winner, he wanted to punish the Conservative Party and he has certainly achieved that. Its a sign of the times when acting is more important than politics, the main political parties don't want the populace to look to closely at the facts.

In five years the Tory's will likely get back in, that period isn't enough time for a Government to recover from the financial and social mess that has been left behind especially with some very costly commitments coming up. Starmer has choices (or combinations) of breaking promises on borrowing, more disastrous PFA type contracts or more forced austerity, no win whichever way.

I'm not too sure the Conservatives hierarchy wanted to win this election, they have bled the country dry which was about to catch up with them.

I am really not happy with major constitutional changes that have taken place without the population having a vote on them eg Wirral Council changing their electoral system. We need a proper constitution in this country.

We don't do charity in Germany, we pay taxes. Charity is a failure of governments' responsibilities - Henning Wehn