Election means anti-detector bill runs out of time

The widely discussed Road Safety Bill has run out of time and failed according to the epolitix parliamentary Web site (link below).

The main features of the failed bill included:

Enabled roadside evidential breath testing
Introduced graduated fixed penalties for speed limit offences
Banned speed enforcement detection devices
Added three licence points to mobile phone offences
Safe Speed road safety campaign founder Paul Smith said: "Like many things in road safety, the 'obvious' view often proves to be wrong, and much of this bill was actually likely to make road safety worse. Good riddance!

"The road safety bill represented the culmination and extension of a decade's flawed and oversimplified thinking at the highest levels in UK road safety. National road safety policy over the last decade has been a disaster propped up only with millions of pounds spent on spin and twisted statistics. Any decent policy would have driven road deaths down, but instead we've had the 700 million pound speed camera programme which has actually made the roads more dangerous. Deaths are UP.

"Let's make sure we see the end of oversimplified thinking with the forthcoming general election. We have to get back to the policies that gave us the safest roads in the world in the first place."