**Please note, the final car bodywork has been kept secret by Citroen**

At first glance, this heavily disguised C4 prototype might look suspiciously like a five-door, but don't let that unusually steep rake of the rear window mislead you - the five-door C4's rear screen is much more upright than this. That leaves only one likely explanation - even though Citroen has remained tight lipped about the possibility, this looks like it could be a four-door saloon C4. The saloon would join the three and five-door C4 line-up, although probably not before 2006. Expect a high rear deck and, as these images indicate substantial rear overhang. As with the rest of the range, the C4 saloon would share the usual PSA range of Euro 4 petrol and HDI diesel units, with availability of a Sensodrive sequential-shift semi automatic transmission. With a steeply raked rear screen and a truncated boot, a C4 saloon would certainly be a better looking proposition than the somewhat dumpy five door hatch