Hi All,
Just an update about our next meeting, we have decided that because of the increased attacks to public services in recent months it is more important than ever to have unity between different activist groups on the Wirral who all have the same goals - to protect our public services and the people in our community. Therefore we have followed Liverpool ís example and decided to hold a joint meeting with Wirral TUC. FBU are to take part in the meeting and we have invited the secretary of Wirral Unison to speak. This will be taking place on Thursday 10th of July at 7.30pm at the Wirral Advisory Centre, 4 St. Annes Street Birkenhead , two Million workers will be on strike on this day. We will be covering the cuts to Libraries, SEN Transport, The Sack Esther Mcvey campaigned launched by Wirral TUC and we will be inviting some of our newly elected Councillors. We will be in contact soon with further details of this meeting. Cheers.
Mia Mabel

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jer-e-my Cor-byn