About 11:20 this morning, parked in the small car park behind the co-op.
pointed toward Old Chester Road I saw a guy speed by in blue Megane (the fat assed kind) closely followed by a Police Skoda VRS.

Started out of the carp park up the side road 5 minutes later, 2 police Hyundai's park up on the corner. Traffic had stopped. The Megane had stopped in front of the co-op, Hyundai panda car nose to nose with it, VRS tucked in behind it. A few police bods about scanning the pavement, my daughter said that there was a guy in cuffs.
Seconds later a black Focus pulls up and drops off a blonde girl with no shoes, just socks, who runs up to the passenger side of the Megane looking panicked. Didn't see if anything happened next as traffic started moving past.

Not sure what the was going on, and it will probably only be the usual rumour mill that has any answers, if any, but looked exciting nonetheless.

I first thought it might have been a police training exercise having seen a black undercover BMW with lights and siren being chased by a police Focus estate around Tranmere twice within an hour around the same time. Well, they were either playing chase, or they were extremely lost and late. tease

Exciting day all in all! haha

Anyone else see the excitement?

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