Hi guys, little bit of help needed please. My iphone 3gs had a little bit of a bath recently. After drying it out in rice it seemed to come alive a little & would get as far as asking for wifi password on screen, altho the very right side of the screen keyboard wouldn't work & the screen was very dark, almost unreadable. The screen was very cracked anyway. I bought a new battery & screen & took the phone apart replacing the battery & screen & opening the board & giving it a good scrub with isopropinol. A nice young chap from Bigabyte helped me with the last 2 ribbon connectors which are tricky! Now, I get an occasional itunes screen on the iphone telling me to connect it to itunes but when I do so it does not recognise the phone, all I get is a flashing apple logo every 10 seconds so I cant restore it. Any suggestions or anyone able to repair it? many thanks in anticipation