Not sure if any of the ladies here will be interested
but thought i would post incase.
if you are pm me and i will send you contact details

Street Awareness Female Empowerment.
Where and when it is.
Sunday 21st October. 09.30 15.30 approx. Cost 30.00
Oval Leisure Centre,
Old Chester Road,
By rail from to Bebington. On exiting Bebington station turn right and the centre is 5 minutes down the road on your left.
Dress is optional. Wall flowers are welcome. Techniques only constitute about 10% of the seminar. But if you wish to try out the moves track suits are advisable.
The canteen on Sundays is closed so please bring some lunch.
What it is.
This seminar has been running annually since 1998 and always meets with great appreciation from the ladies who attend. It really is the best because its honest. And the fact you will be empowered to drop any attacker is not hype. I teach this to women over 80 years old and they love it.
Amongst other subjects we cover:
Awareness learn how the Bodyguards stay switched on
Fear understand what it is and how to use it as a strength
Law learn what it takes to ensure youre never the victim of biased laws
Case studies learn how criminals tick, knowledge is power
Combat learn worst case scenarios moves that are crippling effective.
Plus much, much more. Have any questions ready I will answer them all.
Who it is
Steve Sharkey has been involved in martial arts for 36 years, starting with Hung Gar Kung Fu under Sifu Jimmy Chan of Liverpool in 1976! Hes a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing under Master Frank Murphy 7th Dan. He has trained in Hong Kong and the USA. He was a finalist at the 1997 Black Belt Team Championships in Birmingham. He was a private student of Sifu Ray Bullock in Yang and Chen style Tai Chi. A private student of Mike Gregory of Jeet Kune Do. Also a private student of Tony Sewell, 3 x World Heavyweight Champion. A former police officer, he served with the Metropolitan Police in Soho from 1988- 1993. He then transferred to Merseyside Police and ended his career as a Special Branch Detective where he was a bodyguard for visiting VIPs. Amongst others, H.M. The Queen, Tony Blair P.M. and His Holiness the Dalia Lama. Steve is a Level 1 Self Protection Coach under Geoff Thompson, BCA. He has been teaching S.A.F.E. seminars since 1998. He prides himself on teaching practical no nonsense strategies that will work for any woman. No matter age, ability or strength.

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