On the 8th June come along we will be celebrating world oceans day!!!


Come and celebrate everything marine with us and our crew of marine lovers down at Liverpool 1. We have a little bit of everything to tickle your fancy, from information on how you can help to conserve the worlds oceans and all that live in them, to hands on games and some very fishy arty fun. You can even have a look and feel of some real life sea creatures! Or could get your face painted like a lion fish or a great white and even chat to beautiful mermaid.......

For those of us who feel we already look a bit too much like a jelly fish, we have show and tells, information about our local marine environment and much more. We also hope to have some yummy food for you take away, and some recipe ideas, sustainably sourced fish. We will have DVD give-aways, as well as lots of information on subjects from, where does all your plastic go to where have all the sharks gone?

Not to forget LOADS of fun stuff for the future ocean crusaders to do!!! A very very kid friendly day!

We will be joined by the Liverpool Museum, the Marine stewardship council, (who will be announcing the first school in liverpool to use only sustainably sourced fish in their school dinners), our local wildlife trusts, the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities, The MCS, plastic pollution and many more fishy characters.

There will also be an opportunity to MEET A MARINE BIOLOGIST! You can ask them what they do and anything else you want about the blue realm!

Come down to Liverpool one, just outside the hilton on the 8th June and be a part of a fun filled day for all ages.

We would like to thank those taking part in the day, The Marine Stewardship Council, Marine Conservation Society, The Liverpool World Museum, The IFCA, Fish4ever, The Blue Marine Foundation, Plastic Oceans, Living Seas and the Local Wildlife Trusts, The WWF, Hughes Fish Fight, The Shark Trust, The Sea Watch Foundation, The University of Liverpool, Fish2fork and our fishy friends and our volunteers. We would also like to thank Liverpool one for allowing us to host the event in the city centre!