Mitutoyo 50-75 external carbon tipped micrometer 2 0ff one has a 50mm setting bar
Moore and wright 2-3,micrometer wide carbon tipps good for turning
Starrett 100 to 125 external Mic carbon tipped
Mitutoyo 1-2 external mic with carbon tips
Moore and wright 1inch depth mic
Starrett 25-50 external mic
Mitutoyo 75-100 external mic carbon tipped external mic
Mitutoyo 0-1 multi anvilled external Mic good for checking grooves and edge of part to inside of hole.
I also have 2 FC3 cutter holders ,they fit 16mm collet.
45 degree precision ground angle made form D2 which is a high quality tool steel.
ALL are open to offers or a job lot.