Super Bit Dash, by FakePup Games is now available
on Android and it's entirely free on the Market.
There seems to be a never ending conveyor belt of
retro games being ported to Android devices. Let's
hope it continues!
Super Bit Dash is fast, fun, intuitive and addictive.
Its two difficulty settings make sure even casual
players can swipe away from start to finish before
tackling the more challenging game modes.
One of it's main features are the randomly
assembled levels. Every time you play the game it
stitches small rooms/levels together, combining
the pleasure of carefully conceived level design
with the surprise of randomly generated content.
Here are the gameís highlights:
*8- bit inspired art
*Openfeint Achievements
*Intuitive Touch controls
*Randomly assembled levels
*Easy to pick up and play, challenging to master
*Old School platforming action using swipes and
taps - no clunky virtual d- pads.
*Two difficulty settings
*8- bit inspired soundtrack
*Store to buy powerups and characters using in-
game coins
This indie game hopes to capture the imagination
of gamers of old with its 8-bit graphics and chip-
tune soundtrack, while still catering to the tastes of
the new generation of mobile gamers.